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When just clean isn’t enough, we offer excellence. 
Deep cleaning is more thorough than standard cleaning and is typically done periodically or as a one-time service to ensure that a space is exceptionally clean, often in preparation for a special event, or as a seasonal cleaning routine.
Deep cleaning aims to restore a space to a higher level of cleanliness, encompassing everything from floors to ceiling and everything in between. 
Experience the transformation as Purely Cleaning Solutions elevate your space into a flawless haven, where every detail matters.

Professional Cleaning Services

   Deep Cleaning Checklist:

  • Vacuuming and mopping all floors.

  • Vacuum all carpeted areas.

  • Detailed dusting and hard-to-reach areas like behind furniture and under bed. 

  • Dust furniture throughout the home.

  • Tidying up rooms and making beds.

  • Scrubbing bathtub, shower, toilet, and sink. 

  • Wipe baseboards.

  • Clean interior windows, windows-sills and trims.

  • Dust Blinds.

  • Cabinets door fronts.

  • Ceiling fans and dusting air vents.

  • Removal of Cobwebs. 

  • Sinks and faucets.

  • Doorknobs, door frames, and doors wiped.

  • Clean light fixtures and wipe off light switches.

  • Clean mirrors and glass doors.

  • Cleaning the stove. 

  • Wipe the microwave inside and out.

  • Kitchen outside appliances. 

  • Wipe kitchen countertops & backsplash.

  • Empty trash cans.

Add-Ons (not included, but can be added to the cleaning for an additional fee)

  • Fridge (interior)

  • Oven

  • Change sheets

  • Garage sweeping

  • Porch

  • Sunroom

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